The Yummylicious food destination for complete family.

A happy meal is about making taste buds do that magical dance. A twirl, a spin and a roll. At Hotel Samadhan, we believe a great meal is one that’s been made with passion of love by our chefs. . It’s all about recreating flavors and creating dishes that are drool-worthy and memorable. There’s a comforting Indian fare and traditional Aagari cuisine to suit the Indian spicy route. And oh, you also get drink of your choice, delicious desserts and gourmet snacks too. After all, good food = warm memories = happy folks and no one knows it better than us.

We are here to handle your hunger pangs and moods. Everything we do….we do it for U. Want to have a spoonful of your favorite Vegetarian and  Non-Vegetarian dishes or a bite of that sinful dessert at the comfort of your home.

Then what are you waiting for….Log in to our website and enjoy fooding!!!!!!!